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Introduction of Bonded Logistics Center

Since its operation on October 18, 2010, Bonded Logistics Center of Shenzhen Bao'an Airport has become one of the four largest core logistics regions of Shenzhen Airport. With the total planning control area of 417,400m2, it covers an area of 115,000m2 in the first stage with the building area of 58,000m2 including 46,000m2 of warehouse.  

★  Business developed by Bonded Logistics Center  

■  Global purchase and allocation business    ■  Bonded logistics distribution business

■ “One-day tour” business within the Center   ■  Transit trade business

■  Simple circulative processing and value added service  

★ Operation environment

■ Joint inspection unit is set in the Center to provide full-year customs clearance guarantee


■  “One-stop” handling of center access customs clearance formalities

■  Diversified business channel systems can make combined transportation possible, including

air transportation, land transportation and marine transportation  

■  Developed aviation transportation network

■  With complete highway transportation network, the main traffic network can be

within 5 minutes and road port can be reached within 30minutes

■  Abundant surrounding harbor resources provide multiple choices for the marine

transportation of cargos

■  Cross-border fast customs clearance mode can be used to realize the fast cargo

circulation with Hong Kong

★  Business characteristics

■  Taxes can be refunded as long as the domestic cargos enter the Center instead of waiting for

their departure.  

■ 2-year tax-free bonded policy will be granted to the international cargos entering the Center.

■ Import and export customs clearance formalities of “one-day tour” business are handled at

the same time and taxes will be refunded as long as the cargos enter the Center instead of

unloading them. All the formalities can be finished within 2hours.  

■  Central customs clearance business can be developed to make the enterprises improve the

distribution efficiency and saves customs costs.

■  Seamless allocation is realized for the cargos between the Center and airport port (customs

transfer becomes unnecessary) and the secondary customs transfer problem of air

transportation in the business operation process of other bonded regions can be resolved.  

■  The price of the cargos out of the Center can be adjusted to resolve the inconsistent import

and export price of the cargos after the fluctuation of the market price.

■  The cargos to be imported and exported are saved and operated in the same warehouse and

distributed to China or the foreign countries through batch-in and central-out or central-in

and batch-out way freely.  

■ Simple circulative processing business is carried out in a central approved way and the

approval invoice by invoice thus becomes unnecessary.

■  Central customs inspection business can be developed to enable the enterprises to deal with

the port clearance sheet primarily, improving the customs clearance efficiency of the

businesses involved in inspection and saving considerable inspection costs.

■  Transfer business within the Center satisfies the multilateral business, cargos rights transfer

as well as receiving, payment and remittance of the enterprises beyond the Center,

■  Not customs clearance formalities but customs transfer formalities are need for the direct

customs transfer business and the customs transfer cargos between the Center and within the

territory, which improves the customs clearance efficiency.

★ Ways to develop business

The enterprise can develop business by settling in the center or by entrusting us. We have established professional bonded logistics company with independent legal person qualification (Shenzhen Saiyida Bonded Logistics Co., Ltd.) and professional customs clearance company (airport bonded customs broker) to be responsible for all kinds of warehousing, distribution, one-day tour, customs clearance and customs inspection service.  

■ Saiyida Company: it is in possession of 5,500m2 warehouse in the Bonded Logistics Center with complete supporting facilities and all-dimensional security monitoring system. It undertakes all kinds of bonded logistics businesses and provides “one-stop” service. With professional personnel in charge of business consultation and planning, it is able to lay down the overall effective logistics solutions and business operation scheme based on the client’s requirements to satisfy the individual business demand of the clients.  

■ Customs brokerCompany: it provides professional customs clearance and inspection service to Bonded Logistics Center and within the scope of Shenzhen Airport. It has employed 20 professional customs declarers, including 9 with the corresponding experience for at least 5 years and all the declarers enjoy the education background above college degree with rich commodity knowledge and business experience and strong customs coordination capacity. They can lay down customs clearance operation scheme according to the client’s demand to satisfy their effective operation business requirements.  

★ Contact information

Center operation and management organization: Shenzhen Airport Logistics Development Co., Ltd.

Address: F4, Bonded Building, Bonded Logistics Center, Zhiyi Road, Shenzhen Bao’an    International Airport  

■  For center settlement, please contact: Ms. Yan

Tel : 86-755-23452165  

Fax : 86-755-23457333


■  For logistics entrustment business, please contact: Mr. Li, Tel: 86-755-23456012;

Mr. Zhang, Tel: 86-755-23456048, 13713842960.

■  For the entrusted customs clearance and inspection business, please contact: Mr. Duan

Tel: 86-755-23456106