Development Plan
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Great achievements have been made to the construction and development of Shenzhen Baoan International Airport in “the Twelfth Five-year Plan”period. We started to use double-runway in 2011 and finished the construction of main works of T3 terminal building fully in 2012 and we will finish the tail-in work of expansion project and the transition and migration of T3 terminal in 2013. The operation environment of Shenzhen Baoan International Airport is undergoing epochal changes, that is to say, it will enter the operation era of “big movement area and terminal area”. The change of external macro economy and industrial policies also bring new challenges and opportunities to Shenzhen Baoan International Airport. Dakong Port comprehensive planning dominated by Shenzhen Government has been initiated and Shenzhen Baoan International Airport has welcomed the most direct interaction with the government regional development planning for the very first time. Dakong Port region has been listed as the critical municipal strategy planning region in the report on the work of municipal government, positioned as the new functional region of Shenzhen in future and will be planned and constructed by satisfying the basic requirements of higher quality, clearer positioning and stronger radiation according to the target of the international first-class district.

Shenzhen Baoan International Airport will endeavor to adhere to the planning of Dakong Port region, keep penetrating the idea of “safety first” in the whole process of airport operation and management, scale the safety management level to a new height effectively, strengthen ability construction overall and try the best to create the international first-class airport. It will grasp the golden opportunity to promote the construction of aviation city and spare no efforts to make the airport group in charge of the construction, operation and management of aviation city. It will speed up the construction of collecting and distributing center of fast freight and realize the great-leap-forward development of air cargo. It will also deepen the cooperation with Shenzhen and Hong Kong airports and break through the traditional industrial and regional restraints. Under the guidance of five strategies in “the Twelfth Five-year Plan” strategic planning, by taking the airport as foothold of public infrastructure positioning, the diversified operation layout extended to airport economy and multiple businesses of airport economic industry is gradually formed by taking airport operation and management as the main industry and construction, investment and operation of aviation city as the core business so as to make it become the comprehensive enterprise reaching the advanced level of the same domestic industry in terms of operation and management capacity and competitiveness.