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Domestic Freight Services

Brief  Introduction of   Domestic  Cargo  Terminal

Shenzhen Airport Domestic Cargo Terminal Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Shenzhen Airport Co., Ltd.   B1 and  B3 cargo terminal covers an area of  77 thousand square meters, while B2 cargo terminal is under construction, covering an area of  53 thousand square meters, and is expected to be put into use in 2020.   The company is located at the southeast side of the Terminal 3, east side of the apron, south side of the south airport road, and west side of the Linghang 2nd road.


Kinds of business

·Provide goods delivery, tally pallet, storage, query, transfer service for domestic airlines.

· Provide operation for oversize or overweight goods, fresh goods, live animals, valuables and dangerous goods in accordance with the rules of conditions.

· Provide special service: dispatch priority, rapid pick up of fresh goods, 365×24 goods collecting and transporting, off load cargo handling, special maintenance for valuables, air-air transshipment.


7 Service commitments of Domestic  Cargo  Terminal

·Provide 365×24 goods collecting and transporting service.

·The deadline for receipt of departure flights is 90 minutes before ETD for narrow body aircrafts, and 100 minutes before ETD for wide body aircrafts.

·Notify the agents in 100 minutes after the flights take off, if the goods are not up load as planned flights.

· Announce query telephone no. and provide real time query service for departure & arrival goods.  Feedback progress or results according to the requirements of the shipper if goods are not in normal condition.

· Provide 365×24 fresh goods and dispatch delivery service.

· Notify clients to deliver goods in 30 minutes after storage of fresh goods, dispatch and express goods; and in 3hrs after storage of general goods.

· Consignee’s waiting time for delivery is not more than 30 minutes after accepting the delivery business.