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Company Profile

Shenzhen Airport JOYEE Business Development Co. Ltd. (JOYEE for short) was registered and founded on July 9, 2013, which provides professional VIP services for government officials, business leaders, and the first-class/business-class guests.
JOYEE consists of General Management Department, Administration Department, Marketing Department, Finance Department, Quality and Operation Control Department, Business Aircraft Department, VIP Service Department 1, VIP Service Department 2, and High Cabin Service Department. JOYEE has a team of professional and well-trained employees. The team has received recognition as a "National Youth Model", won the "National May Day Labor Award", and received other honorary titles.
JOYEE business services are convenient, quick, and reliable. Customized services are provided to various passengers and the airline passengers of JOYEE, with the aid of the airport’s unique venues and channels. The main business services include: check-in agents (agents dealing with boarding passes, baggage check, etc.), lounges (including FIDS, television, magazines, wireless Internet access, etc.), VIP Fast Track Channels, VIP Cars, and dining and entertainment (Chinese and Western food, beauty care, exhibition sales of high-end goods,

etc.). JOYEE provides access to business VIP building 1, business VIP building 2, and Yi Xiang Hall (a first-class/business-class passenger lounge) as well as other service areas in the Terminal 3 area of the Shenzhen International Airport.
JOYEE business VIP building 1 is located on the first floor of Terminal 3 which mainly serve the business passengers. The design style is simple and elegant, and the environment is quiet and comfortable. There are dozens of individual VIP rooms with different styles, as well as Chinese and Western restaurants, leisure and entertainment options, multimedia conference rooms, and other supporting service areas. Competitive facilities and services are provided.
JOYEE VIP building 2 is located in the southeast of Terminal 3. It has three floors and a reception area covering more than 5,400 square meters. Designed by the internationally-recognized FUKSAS company based on modern design concepts, the building ingeniously combines chinese and western styles, and provides an excellent service environment.
Located in Terminal 3, Yi Xiang Hall is divided into three areas with a total floor area of more than 3,100 square meters. It mainly provides FIDS, a lounge area , and other services. Yi Xiang Hall serves passengers who purchase first class and business class tickets from China Eastern Airlines, Shanghai Airlines, Hainan Airlines, and other airlines (except China Southern Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines, and Air China).