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Shipping Service

Introduction to cCargo wharf Ferry

(1) General conditions

Located in the northern zone of Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport, Fuyong Wharf is 5sea miles far away from Nansha Port, Guangzhou. It is 8kilometers far away from the terminal building of the airport. Connecting 107 National Highway, Bao’an Avenue, Guang-Shen Superhighway and Ji-He Superhighway, it is closed to Guang-Shen Riverside Superhighway under construction with excellent highway and waterway collecting and distributing conditions. It enjoys convenient traffic advantages and broad development prospect.

★ Geographic position: 22°36.4′northern latitude and 112°48.2′eastern latitude.

★ Geographic position of the first navigation mark A of approach channel: 22°33.4′northern  

latitude and 112°48.1′eastern latitude; it has white light flash with the interval of 4s and range of 4 sea miles.

★ Information about cargo wharfCargo Ferry: the bottom of the approach channel is 68m wide, the water is -3.6m deep and the harbor basin water is -5m deep. There are two 5,000t freight berths. 4 universal barges can be berthed at the same time. The stockpiling capacity of the freight stacking yard is 2,300 full container and 1,500 empty containers.

(2) Infrastructures and container handling capacity of the cargo wharfCargo Ferry

Wharf infrastructures

Stockpiling capacity (TEU)


Reach stacker



Operation capacity of full container (TEU/h/set)

Stacking yard of full container

Stacking yard of empty container

2 sets of 40t gantry shore cranes

4 sets of reach stackers and 2 sets of empty container fork lift trucks

30 sets





(3)  Freight facilities and equipment

Fuyong Wharf migrated to the new place on April 16, 2010 and has been put into operation formally. The new wharf is located in the southwestern side of the expanded area of the airport with the area of freight stacking yard of 100,000m2, two sets of 5,000t freight berths and 40t gantry shore cranes respectively, six sets of 8-16t tyre cranes, 30 sets of 3-10t fork lifts, 4 sets of reach stackers, two sets of empty container fork lift trucks and eight sets of yard low-speed trucks.

(4) Radiating area

Focused on the western part of Shenzhen City and the eastern part of Dongguan, it enjoys obvious land transportation advantages compared with Shekou, including Fuyong, Shajing, Gongming, Xixiang, Hezhou, Shiyan, Bao’an, Guangming New Area, Pingshan New Area, Guanlan, Pinghu and Longgang District of Shenzhen City as well as Chang’an, Humen, Dalingshan, Tangxia and Zhangmutou of Dongguan City.

(5) Wharf’s service commitment of Cargo Ferry

The wharf provides effective and excellent service and commits that the time to pick up the container shall be no longer than 20minutes. Persons will be designated to trace the documents. It provides convenient and favorable wharf contain unpacking and packing and washing service.

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