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About the freight terminal

1. Overview
The Fuyong Ferry Terminal is about 5 nautical miles away from Nansha Port in Guangzhou by waterway. Benefiting from well-developed road and waterway networks for cargo collection and distribution, it has convenient transportation access and broad development prospects.

Geographic position: 22° 36.4′ N, 112° 48.2′ E

Geographic position of the first beacon A in the approach channel: 22° 33.4′ N, 112° 48.1′ E; flashing white light, with an interval of 4 seconds, and a range of 4 nautical miles.

Freight terminal profile: 68 meters wide and 3.6 meters deep at the bottom of the approach channel, 5 meters deep in the harbor basin, with two 1,000-ton cargo berths.

2. Freight terminal infrastructure and container handling capacity


Container yard capacity (TEU)


Reach stacker


Berth/quay shoreline

Full-container handling capacity (TEU/hour/unit)



Empty-container yard

One 40-ton shore gantry crane

1 Reach stacker, and 2 empty container handles


2 units/300 meters




3. Fuyong Ferry Terminal was moved to the new site on April 16, 2010 and has been officially put into operation. The new terminal is located at the southwest corner of the airport extension area, with a freight yard area of 100,000 m2, two 1000-ton freight berths, one 40-ton shore gantry crane, six 8-16 tons rubber tired gantry cranes, thirty 3-10 tons forklifts, one reach stacker, two empty container handles, and eight low-speed tractors in the yard.

4. Service coverage
Fuyong Ferry Terminal mainly serves the districts in the west of Shenzhen and the east of Dongguan. Compared with Shekou Ferry Terminal, Fuyong Ferry Terminal enjoy obvious land transportation advantages. The districts served by Fuyong Ferry Terminal include Fuyong, Shajing, Gongming, Xixiang, Hezhou, Shiyan, Bao’an, Guangming New District, Pingshan New District, Guanlan, Pinghu, and Longgang in Shenzhen, and Chang’an, Humen, Dalingshan, Tangxia, and Zhangmutou in Dongguan.

5. Commitment to our customers
We provide efficient and high-quality services, with a commitment to picking up and returning containers within 20 minutes, and arranging special representatives to track orders. We also provide convenient and preferential devanning, packing, washing, and repairing services.

6. Contact info
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