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Operation Partner

SF Express

With the headquarters in Shenzhen, SF Express has established the distribution center in

Shenzhen Airport. Transshipment Center in southern part of China is under construction which will be put into use in 2015.

The weekly freight volume of the airplanes and chartered airplanes in and out of Shenzhen Airport is above 200 and the airplanes get access to 15 cities nationwide.

u SF Express has established nearly 5,000 operation networks in China mainland, covering 31 provinces, large and medium-sized cities of autonomous region and directly-controlled municipalities and over 1,700 county-level cities or counties.

Yuantong Express

Yuantong Express started to operate all freight carrier express mail service in Shenzhen in June 2012 and two airplanes have been used for the operation at Shenzhen Airport.

Yuantong Express has established 8 management zones, 61 operation centers, over 6,000 dispatch centers and more than 1,300 branches all cross China with the service scope covering over 1,600 cities nationwide.  


UPS Asia Transshipment Center was settled in Shenzhen and put into use formally in May 2010.

Shenzhen Transfer Center makes UPS’s service in Asia-Pacific Region one working day shorter and it thus improves the competitiveness of client and Shenzhen Airport.

Zhenzhen Transfer Center will operate 24 hours a day and 7 days a week with the sorting capacity of 18,000pieces/h. The sorting capacity can be flexibly expanded to 36,000pieces/h.

The present freight volume is 92shifts/week and the airplanes fly through the main hub cities of Asia-Pacific Region with high frequency.  

Shenzhen-Anchorage (the U.S.) line was opened on February 13, 2012.