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On September 11, Shenzhen Airport held the opening ceremony of the 9th China Airport Commercial & Retail Summit, with the theme "A New Journey with Real Experience – Building the New Landmark of an Urban Airport with Rich Experience". On the same day, Shenzhen Airport publicly announced its commitment to the community of providing the "same quality and same price in the same city", so as to create a good consumer environment that offers the same quality and charges the same price as other stores in Shenzhen. At present, more than 300 commercial outlets in Shenzhen Airport have fulfilled this commitment.

In March this year, the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) issued the Guidance on Further Improving the Quality of Service of Civil Aviation, which requires airports in China to offer dining services of the same quality and at the same price as the dining sector in the same city. Shenzhen Airport actively promotes the "same quality and same price in the same city" initiative based on CAAC's requirements, to contribute to the projects of developing Shenzhen into an international aviation hub and improving the quality of service at shops in the airport. Shenzhen Airport has published a price limit list for more than 300 kinds of products with rigid demand. During commercial brands optimization, Shenzhen Airport takes measures such as investment optimization, strict merchant access thresholds, actively attracting famous chain brands, and increasing the proportion of direct-sale stores, to address passengers' concerns about the prices of frequently needed products, such as noodles, cakes, and bottled water. These actions effectively push forward the "same quality and same price in the same city" initiative.

At present, among the commercial outlets in Shenzhen Airport, nearly 50 brands have entered Shenzhen and Shenzhen Airport for the first time, and the proportion of independently owned and operated businesses and regional distributors has exceeded 90%. The presence of more name-brand chain stores enriches the business variety of the airport terminal. Shenzhen Airport has improved the standardized management of merchants by instructing the merchants in the terminal to mutually supervise product prices and by establishing a price filing and review mechanism and a supervision and reporting mechanism. Shenzhen Airport also has strengthened daily supervision and inspection and manages merchants based on their integrity rating and inspection results. This helps promote the "same quality and same price in the same city" initiative. The commercial outlets in Shenzhen Airport also display "Same Quality and Same Price in the Same City" signs in conspicuous positions, list the benchmark stores, and publicize the service supervision hotline.

Shenzhen Airport will continue to standardize the commercial activities in the terminal through multiple measures to ensure that the "same quality and same price in the same city" initiative is implemented and to satisfy passengers' shopping needs and expectations at Shenzhen Airport. Shenzhen Airport will keep up with market development trends, accelerate the introduction of widely-recognized retail brands, and provide passengers with first-class customer service experiences of an international aviation hub. This will better prepare Shenzhen for communicating with the world.


(Submitted by: Shenzhen Airport Group; Contact: Ye Dan; Tel: 0755-23452236)