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Shenzhen Airport "Flagship" Nursing Mothers Room of Nearly 100 Square Meters Is Launched as Shenzhen Municipal Model Nursing Mothers Room
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On January 15, Shenzhen Airport held the opening ceremony of the Shenzhen Municipal Model Nursing Mothers’ Room and the Shenzhen Airport "Flagship" Nursing Mothers Room. The newly opened Nursing Mothers Room is the largest single nursing room in Shenzhen and is equipped with the most complete facilities among airports in China. With multifunctional areas and intelligent facilities, it provides considerate and personalized services for passengers with children and establishes a model of nursing at airports that reflects the local characteristics of Shenzhen.

Shenzhen Airport offers a "flagship" Nursing Mothers Room near gate 27 in the waiting area on the third floor of the airport terminal. Covering an area of 92 square meters, it provides comprehensive services with multifunctional areas and complete facilities dedicated to waiting passengers with children. The Nursing Mothers Room is equipped with children's reading area, play area, milk preparation area, feeding area, napping area for infants, lactation area, multifunctional washroom, and public rest area for accompanying passengers. It provides supplies for the needs of passengers and their traveling children, such as diapers, wet towelettes, and soft cotton towels. The Nursing Mothers Room is equipped with intelligent facilities, such as intelligent induction lighting in the lactation area, automatic trash cans, and an intelligent diaper vending machine, to provide more intelligent nursing services for traveling parents and their children.

Compared with the current mother and baby rooms at Shenzhen Intentional Airport, the "Flagship" Nursing Mothers Room has been upgraded from a single feeding area serving infants up to three years old to a service area for waiting passengers, including pregnant passengers and children aged from less than one to twelve years old. The "Flagship" Nursing Mothers Room has served nearly 500 families since its initial trial in November last year. The open hours are from 6:30 a.m. to 22:30 p.m. The Nursing Mothers Room staffs are designated to provide high-quality and considerate flight experiences for passengers with children.

With the mission of allowing passengers to experience considerate care in the city, Shenzhen Airport has taken infrastructure-specific and service-specific measures to develop personalized passenger service projects and caring service facilities in recent years. As early as the opening of the new terminal, Shenzhen Airport has set up 48 mother and baby rooms, which are widely praised by passengers. In the future, Shenzhen Airport will gradually introduce and upgrade new technology products based on the needs of passengers, continuing to improve the customer service experience of mother and baby rooms.


(Submitted by: Shenzhen Airport Group; Contact: Ye Dan; Tel: 0755-23452236)