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Shenzhen Airport has officially launched smart security channels recently to accelerate the development of a "smart airport" and continuously improve the level of service for passengers. The smart security channels improve the overall security level and enable convenient, efficient, and intelligent security checks for boarding passengers through a series of advanced security technologies and equipment.

Located in the domestic security check area of Shenzhen Airport, the four new smart security channels are reconstructed from the original security channels 19 and 20. The smart security channels are equipped with advanced security technical equipment, such as self-service verification gates, facial recognition systems, automatic luggage transport devices, dual-ray source X-ray machines, millimeter-wave human body security detectors, luggage re-inspection workstations, and person-bag matching systems.

The smart security channels eliminate manual verification that is typical of traditional security channels. Passengers who pass identification document verification and facial recognition can enter the smart security channels through an entrance gate and then place their belongings in self-pick-up baskets. The person-bag matching system can match passengers' identity information to the baskets to prevent passengers from taking other passengers’ luggage by mistake. Passengers are also scanned by a millimeter-wave human body security detector, which improves the overall safety level of the security channels and completes the whole process of the self-service security check. This optimizes the passenger experience during the security check process. To assist with this service in the early stage of implementing the smart security channels, Shenzhen Airport has set up a guide post in front of each channel, where staff guide passengers to complete the self-service security check processes, including proceeding through security gates using facial recognition or rapid identification, automatic luggage transport, and body positioning for inspection.

As an important part of Shenzhen Airport's "Future Airport" project, the application of smart security channels is another measure that Shenzhen Airport is taking to build a "smart airport" and improve the quality and efficiency of security checks after it took the lead among Chinese airports last year in implementing differentiated security checks. According to the statistics during the trial period, the passenger pass rate of the smart security channels can reach 220 passengers per hour during peak periods, which is 1.5 times that of traditional security channels. Combined with the differentiated security checks and the one-card customs clearance service, the smart security channels help improve the efficiency of passenger inspection and provide convenient, efficient, and intelligent boarding experiences for passengers.

(Submitted by: Shenzhen Airport Group; Contact: Ye Dan; Tel: 0755-23452236)