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Correspondents: Ye Dan and Zhang Dingyi

Shenzhen Airport announced that Shenzhen Airport began to provide paperless boarding trial service for its international flights in advance of October 1, following the provision of paperless boarding services for domestic flights last year. As of today, passengers on the two international routes of "Shenzhen-Brisbane" and "Shenzhen-Cairns" run by Hainan Airlines are the first to experience the paperless boarding service, allowing them to check in luggage and go through customs clearance and boarding formalities by using an electronic boarding pass with a QR code.

As Shenzhen Airport accelerates its development into an international aviation hub and its international airline network is improved, more and more passengers take international flights from Shenzhen Airport, and many of them have higher requirements for timeliness and convenience of flight services. To set an example for paperless travel in civil aviation while focusing on the needs of passengers, Shenzhen Airport has introduced the paperless boarding and one-card customs clearance services for domestic flights, implemented the verification of passenger identification documents and visas online and has used QR codes throughout the boarding process, in cooperation with airport customs, airport border inspection stations, and airlines. This lays a foundation for enabling paperless boarding on international flights.

The paperless board trial service for Shenzhen Airport’s international flights allows passengers who take Hainan Airlines to Brisbane and Cairns to get an electronic boarding pass with a QR code after check-in through Hainan Airlines' WeChat mini-program, WeChat public account, other apps, the mobile official website, and other channels. With this electronic boarding pass, passengers can conveniently complete luggage check-in, customs inspection, border inspection, security check, and boarding inspection at Shenzhen Airport.

Shenzhen Airport will continue to expand the use of paperless boarding for international flights, and accelerate the development of full-process self-service facilities, and research the application of facial recognition technology. Passengers are expected to enjoy a more convenient and efficient boarding experience at Shenzhen Airport this year.



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