Procedures and Requirements for Boarding
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Shenzhen Airport Ferry Announcement on the Implementation of Real-name Ticket Purchasing and Checking System for Passengers

In accordance with the national “Anti-Terrorism Law” and the Regulations on the Management of Real-name System for Waterway Passenger Transport issued by the Ministry of Transport, Shenzhen Airport Ferry implemented the real-name ticket purchasing, checking, and boarding for passengers starting from January 10, 2017.

Passengers shall show a valid identification when purchasing a ticket. After the ticket is purchased, relevant personal information will be displayed on the ticket. Then passengers may pass through the gate with the ticket and identification and immigration check point before boarding.

Special reminder: No ferry service will be provided for passengers whose ticket or identification document does not match the holder’s real identity.

Valid identification documents include: resident ID card, temporary ID card, residence booklet, motor vehicle driver’s license, military ID, armed police officer’s certificate , soldier’s certificate, military cadet certificate, military civilian officer’s certificate, certificate of retired military cadres, army staff card, discharge permit, passport, mainland travel permit for Hong Kong and Macao residents, exit-entry permit for travelling to and from Hong Kong and Macao, mainland travel permit for Taiwan residents, exit-entry permit for travelling to and from Taiwan, residence permit for foreigners, exit-entry permit for foreigners, diplomatic card, consulate certificate, seaman’s book, foreigner’s identity certificate issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, passport loss report certificate issued by the exit and entry administration department of a local public security bureau, temporary identification card of passengers issued by the public security bureau, and student ID card for minors over 1.5 meters in height and under the age of 16.

Attention: Please bring your valid identification document to buy a ticket and cooperate with the staff in the inspection of dangerous goods and identity confirmation.

Shenzhen Airport Ferry Terminal Services Co., Ltd.

September 26, 2018 

Passenger Ferry Lines 

I. Shenzhen Airport Ferry---- Hong Kong - Macao Ferry Terminal/Taipa Ferry Terminal

This is the most convenient line to travel between the mainland and Macao. Mainland passengers may arrive at Shenzhen Airport by plane, transfer to the free shuttle bus to the Airport Ferry, and go directly to Macao by ferry. On the other hand, passengers in Macao may also take a passenger ferry from the city center to the Airport Ferry, transfer to the free shuttle bus, and arrive at Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport in about 10 minutes to take domestic flights.

Line advantages: 1. The whole journey takes about 70 minutes and runs on schedule; 2. Smooth customs clearance.

II. Shenzhen Airport Ferry ------ Hong Kong International Airport Ferry

This line serves passengers who go to Hong Kong International Airport from mainland and surrounding cities, and those who go to mainland cities from Hong Kong International Airport via Shenzhen Airport. After arriving at Shenzhen Airport, mainland passengers can transfer to the free shuttle bus to the ferry, take a high-speed passenger ferry to Hong Kong Airport SkyPier and directly enter the controlled area of Hong Kong International Airport to check in at dedicated counters. After passing the security check and receiving transit tax refund, passengers can enter the departure hall of the controlled area of Hong Kong International Airport by a shuttle bus.

1. Ferry advantages:
 ★ A journey of 40 mins, scheduled and on time;
 ★ Refund of HKD 120 departure tax (tax-included air ticket);
 ★ Visa-free entry to Hong Kong;
 ★ Pre-check-in service available for some airlines, with luggage consigned to the destination.

2. Notice to passengers taking the Hong Kong Airport Line:

★ This line is a fully enclosed channel, direct to the boarding gates of Hong Kong International Airport without going through Hong Kong Immigration Service. Therefore, only passengers who meet the terms and conditions will be allowed to travel on the ferry. The ferry is not applicable to passengers who intend to pick up or drop off guests at the Airport or enter Hong Kong.
 ★ Passengers shall check the list of airlines providing check-in services at SkyPier before using the Airport Express. Not all airlines at Hong Kong International Airport are included.
 ★ Certificates required for passengers: a valid ticket; a valid passport, travel document and destination visa; a seat-confirmed ticket valid on the day of departure from Hong Kong International Airport.
 ★ Closing time of the ferry check-in counter: 30 minutes before ferry departure time;
      Minimum connecting time for airlines: Passengers shall arrive at Fuyong Ferry Terminal 2 hours and 45 minutes before their flight’s departure time at Hong Kong International Airport.
 ★ For free or directly checked baggage, the weight limit is 20 kg for economy class seats, and 30 kg for first class seats. For baggage in excess of the weight limit, RMB 20 will be charged for each 5 kg beyond the limit. Each passenger traveling between Canada and the United States shall have a maximum of 2 pieces of baggage (except for passengers of Air Canada), each of which shall not exceed 23 kg, and the excess baggage shall be charged at RMB 30 per piece. The total length, width and height of a piece of baggage shall not exceed 158 cm (62 inches).

★ The detailed ticket purchase and refund process shall be subject to the rules of the ticket website.

3. Passengers can get a one-stop boarding pass of the following airlines at the Shenzhen Airport Ferry:

Airlines handling check in at Shenzhen Airport Ferry for departure from HongKong  




Mandarin Airlines (AE)


EVA Air (BR)


China Airlines (CI)


Cathay Pacific Airways (CX)


Garuda Airlines Indonesia (GA)


Hong Kong Airlines (HX)


Japan Airlines (JL)


Dragon Airlines (KA)


LANMEI AIRLINES (LQ) (Trial operation began on October 15, 2018)


All Nippon Airways (NH)


Air Japan (NQ)


Singapore Airlines (SQ)


Thai Airways International (TG)


United Airlines (UA)


HK Express Airways (UO) 

4. For your convenience, passengers who take a flight of the following airlines departing before 10:00 am the next day can take the ferry at 18:30 (last ferry departure) to SkyPier to complete the relevant procedures:
① Cathay Pacific Airways (CX) ② China Airlines (CI) ③ Dragon Airlines (KA) ④ Garuda Indonesia (GA) ⑤ Air Niugini (PX) ⑥ Malaysia Airlines (MH) ⑦ Air Astana (KC) ⑧ KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (KL) ⑨ Scoot (TZ) ⑩ Mandarin Airlines (AE) ⑪ Hong Kong Airlines (HX) ⑫ HK Express Airways (UO)

Dear passengers:

According to the requirements of the Civil Aviation Safety Management Regulations on binding and packing of cartons, since January 1, 2013, all cartons shall be packed before being checked. Thank you for your cooperation.

Charge: RMB 10 per piece.

III. Shenzhen Airport Ferry — Port of Zhongshan

IV Shenzhen Airport Ferry — Jiuzhou Port in Zhuhai