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Baggage Deposit

Guide to Baggage Deposit at Shenzhen Airport

Tel: 0755-23457066

Opening hours: 24 hours (year-round)

Location: Baggage Deposit, Island End of Door A, 4th Floor Departure Hall, Shenzhen International Airport Terminal Building, Postcode: 518128

Services: Passenger baggage deposit (overnight baggage deposit services can be provided according to the needs of passengers)

Standard fees:

In accordance with the Approval Document of the Price Letter of Guangdong Development and Reform Commission [2014] No.4377:

Baggage deposit service fees will be capped each day and calculated on an hourly basis. If the deposit time is less than one hour, the fees are charged as for one hour.

4 RMB/piece/hour for each piece smaller than 20cm*40cm*55cm   15 RMB/ day maximum fee

5 RMB/piece/hour for each piece smaller than 40cm*60cm*100cm  25 RMB/day maximum fee

7 RMB/piece/hour for each piece larger than 40cm*60cm*100cm   35 RMB/day maximum fee

8 RMB/piece/hour for oversized baggage    50 RMB/day maximum fee

10 RMB/piece/hour for computers, digital cameras, video cameras, and other valuables  50 RMB/day maximum fee

Notes for Baggage Deposit Services:

1. A valid identification document must be provided to deposit baggage.

2. Prohibited items such as flammable, explosive, and highly toxic substances and luggage that do not meet safety requirements will not be accepted and will be reported to the police for disposal. Suspicious or dangerous baggage items that cannot be recognized by X-ray machines will be unpacked and inspected by both parties, and such items will not be accepted if you refuse to have them inspected.

3. Baggage including bone ashes and items having an odor will not be accepted for deposit.

4. The baggage deposit fee will be calculated on a daily basis, and the overnight baggage fees will be charged in addition. If the baggage is deposited for a long time, the baggage deposit fees will be charged cumulatively. If the baggage is unclaimed within 90 days, the baggage will be treated as unclaimed baggage.

5. The passenger shall provide a letter of attorney so that his/her deposited baggage can be claimed by another person. The letter of attorney must clearly state the name, telephone number, and other information of the entrusted party, and the depositor shall attach a copy of his or her valid identification document. The depositor shall clearly inform the entrusted party that he/she must carry the original and copy of his/her valid identification document to claim the baggage. Each passenger must always present his/her valid identification document and deposit receipt to claim his/her baggage.

6. If your deposit receipt is lost, you need to report to Baggage Deposit Office in a timely manner. When claiming the baggage, you need to show your valid identification document and leave a copy. You need to sign for confirmation after checking your baggage.

7. You are not allowed to take items out of your luggage after deposit. If necessary, you need to formally claim the baggage, remove the wanted items, and then re-deposit the baggage, for which corresponding fees will be charged.