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Baggage Damage Compensation Provisions

1. If a baggage is well packed, passenger needs to provide evidence to show that the damage was caused by the transport contractor; otherwise, the transport contractor or its agent is not liable for compensation.

2. If a checked baggage is damaged during transportation, a compensation amount within 100 RMB will be paid for each kilogram of the damaged baggage or baggage content. The excess baggage fee will be refunded. If the value of the package or content is less than 100 RMB per kilogram, the actual value is compensated. If the value of the checked baggage or content is higher than 100 RMB per kilogram, the passenger can claim the value of the baggage or the content. A surcharge of 5‰ will be paid for the claim. The claimed value cannot exceed the actual value of the baggage. The upper limit of claimed value for each passenger is 8000 RMB. If the baggage is damaged after the claim, the claimed value is compensated.

3. Passengers can voluntarily purchase insurance for their checked baggage. In case of damage, compensation is made according to the amount of insurance. If the actual value of baggage or content is less than the coverage of insurance, the actual value is compensated.