Transfers (Domestic to Domestic)
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1.Arrive at the terminal building

Please go to the departures hall under the guidance of the identification of the terminal building.

2.Transfer procedures

Please head for the transfer counter for transfer procedures. And the transfer counter is located in: (1) the one in the cross veranda center on the second floor of the international arrival layer; (2) the one in the middle veranda of west wing veranda and the junction of the main building.

3.Security check

Please make sure that your boarding pass, valid ID are ready for security checks. In order to make sure the security of flight, the customers and the carry-on luggage should be checked for flight safety. Thank you for your cooperation.

For more information, please click “Instructions of security check”.

4.Waiting and boarding

After the transfer procedures at the arrival hall, you can go to the   international departure hall on the third floor by exclusive lift or  escalator according to the guidance. After Security Check, you can  go to the corresponding waiting area in accordance with the boarding  gate indicated in your boarding pass.

For smooth boarding, it is recommended that passengers arrive at  their terminal 1.5 hours before flight takeoff. Check-in service is  closed 40 minutes before flight takeoff.