Transfers (International to Domestic)
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>> Arrive at the terminal building >> Customs inspection and animal and plant quarantine
>> Health quarantine and frontier inspection >> Check-in procedures
>> Baggage claim >> Security check
>> Waiting and boarding

1.Arrive at the terminal building    △TOP

Please go to the departures hall under the guidance of the identification of the terminal building.

2.Health quarantine and frontier inspection    △TOP

Please transact the following procedures successively according to the international Exit/Entry administrative regulations:

Please fill in the Entry Health Quarantine Declaration Card and hand  it to the staff for check. Passengers coming form the endemic areas  of yellow fever are required to show the inspection and quarantine  officials a valid prevention and vaccination certificate of yellow  fever.

Please receive frontier inspection actively

The foreign passengers should hold an effective passport and   the completed entry visa for China (excluding the visa-free   passengers) for entry.

The Chinese passengers should possess valid passport.

While transacting the entry procedures, passengers should complete  Entry Registration Cards and submit it together with valid passports  and visas to Station of Frontier Exit and Entry Inspection for  inspection.

3.Baggage claim    △TOP

Go to the corresponding baggage carousel for baggage claim  under the guidance of the identification.

In order to avoid falsely claim or mistaking, please cooperate with  the staff for casual inspection of the baggage, check the baggage  tag/number and the bar code on the ticket. Please take good care  of baggage ticket and cooperate.

For information of baggage, please inquire the inquiry counter of  baggage.

4.Customs inspection and animal and plant quarantine    △TOP

Customs inspection

Passengers with articles to declare must fill in China Customs Declaration Form for Luggage of Exit/Entry Passengers and choose “Declaration Channel”(also named “Red Channel”) for Customs clearance; those without any article to declare have no need to fill in the declaration form and can choose the “Non-declaration channel”(also named “Green Channel”) for Customs clearance.

Quarantine of animals and plants

Passengers carrying animals, products of animals, plant seeds, sprouts and other propagating materials should apply for the transaction of quarantine in advance.

5.Check-in procedures    △TOP


6.Security check    △TOP

Please make sure that your boarding pass, valid ID are ready for security checks. In order to make sure the security of flight, the customers and the carry-on luggage should be checked for flight safety. Thank you for your cooperation.

For more information, please click “Instructions of security check”.

7.Waiting and boarding    △TOP

Waiting:  After Security Check, you can go to the corresponding waiting lounge in accordance with the boarding gate indicated in your boarding pass.

Boarding: As the boarding generally starts 40 minutes before the take off, please pay attention to the broadcasting and flight information screen. Please get the boarding pass and travel documents ready and show them to the personnel when boarding.