Transfers (Domestic to International)
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>> Arrive at the terminal building >> Transact the international luggage consignment
>> Baggage claim >> Inspection & Quarantine, Customs inspection, and frontier inspection
>> Transfer procedures >> Security check
>> Waiting and boarding

1. Arrive at the terminal building    △TOP

Please go to the departures hall under the guidance of the identification of the terminal building.

2.Baggage claim    △TOP

Go to the corresponding baggage carousel for baggage claim  under the guidance of the identification.

In order to avoid falsely claim or mistaking, please cooperate with  the staff for casual inspection of the baggage, check the baggage  tag/number and the bar code on the ticket. Please take good care  of baggage ticket and cooperate.

For information of baggage, please inquire the inquiry counter of  baggage.

3.Transfer procedures    △TOP

Passengers without boarding passes for connecting flight:

Please transact the transfer procedures at the Domestic to International ticket counter in the luggage hall. The transfer counter is located in the Domestic to International ticket counter at the west side of the baggage claim hall (beside the No. 8 luggage turnplate).

Passengers with boarding passes for connecting flight:

lease confirm your boarding gate at the flight information screen or Inquiry Counter, and refer to the signs for transfer passengers for the corresponding waiting area.

4.Transact the international luggage consignment     △TOP

The international luggage consignment should be transacted at the Domestic to International ticket counter in the luggage hall. Please confirm if you carry any article that needs to be declared to the Customers before check-in. If so, please fill in China Customs Declaration Form for Luggage of Exit/Entry Passengers and submit to the Customs counter between D&E check-in islands for the declaration procedures.

5.Inspection & Quarantine, Customs inspection, and frontier inspection    △TOP

Please go to the third floor international departure joint inspection area by lift. Outgoing passengers carrying articles below must truthfully fill in the Declaration Form and submit the articles to the Customs for inspection as required:

■Cultural relics, endangered plants and animals and products of  endangered plants and animals, biological species, noble metals such  as gold and silver;

■Photographic cameras, video cameras, portable computers and other  personal articles carried by incoming resident passengers, which is  worth more than RMB 5000;

■More than RMB 20,000 in cash, or more than USD 5,000 or its  equivalent in any other foreign currency

■Goods, samples and advertisements;

■Other articles to be declared to the customs.

6.Security check    △TOP

Please make sure that your boarding pass, valid ID are ready for security checks. In order to make sure the security of flight, the customers and the carry-on luggage should be checked for flight safety. Thank you for your cooperation.

For more information, please click “Instructions of security check”.

7.Waiting and boarding    △TOP

Waiting: After transacting the transfer procedures at the domestic arrival hall, passengers can go to the international joint and waiting inspection area on the third floor by exclusive vertical lift in order to transfer as international departure customers. After Security Check, you can go to the corresponding waiting area in accordance with the boarding gate indicated in your boarding pass.

Boarding: As the boarding generally starts 40 minutes before the takeoff, please pay attention to the broadcasting and flight information screen. Please get the boarding pass and travel documents ready.